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When Do I Play

Spring schedules are posted.  Click the Schedules link above to view your schedule.  If you have any questions have your coach contact the age specific commissioner


National League All-Star Coaches

5u Shea Mitchell
6u Clyde Beaver
7u Chad Durden
8u Bobby Wright
9u Ronaldo Smiley
10u Kirk Lovin
11u Pat Smith
12u Pat Coyne

Trussville Dominates Local Tournaments


6u Champion - Yankees (Gill)

6u Runner Up - Indians (Cole)

8u Champion - Red Sox (Scarborough)

8u Runner Up - Rockies (Hollis)

10u Champion - Dodgers (Bates)

10u Runner Up - Yankees (Holley)

12u Champion -Cardinals (Smith)


6u Champion - Athletics (Phillips)

8u Champion - Giants (Barlok)

10u Champion - Tigers (Lovin)