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The Trussville Baseball Association is an organization dedicated to provide your child with the best possible youth baseball experience. We have leagues for ages 4 - 18. While we enter into a lease agreement with The City of Trussville we are a free-standing autonomous entity. We have 501(c)3 status. Our affiliating body is GBBA and Dizzy Dean Baseball.


The Trussville Baseball Association seeks to instill in the youth of Trussville ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty and citizenship so that they may be stronger and happier youths and grow to be healthy, responsible adults.

Our Purpose

Who We Are

Is it true TBA was forced to dissolve as an organization?

No.  TBA was not dissolved.  We are still the same organization with the same purpose we have been since our incorporating in 1989.  TBA still maintains its 501(C)3 filing status with the Internal Revenue Service and is available to assist the youth of Trussville in any way possible in regard to their baseball experience.

Since the city took over baseball last summer has TBA been able to field any teams?

Yes.  TBA has fielded teams in both Fall, 2018 and Spring, 2019.